Be careful while shopping online! The new scam created a ruckus; Know and stay alert


tech news desk, Amazon and Flipkart are the most popular e-commerce websites in India. There were several reports of wrong items being shipped to customers on both websites. While the customer got a bar of soap instead of an iPhone on one side, he got a brick on the other side. To fight this online delivery fraud websites have introduced one time password delivery process.

what is otp delivery

This is great for the customers. In this process, customers are asked to share the OTP with the delivery agent only after checking their delivery package. On one hand, while companies are trying to secure the delivery process, on the other hand, scammers have played havoc with it. Let’s know about this new scam…

what is the new scam

Several cases of new scams have come to the fore. The scammers pose as delivery agents and go to the customer’s doorstep and ask people for OTP before delivery. Most are aware and refuse to give OTP. But some people share OTP. After this scammers clone their phone and access bank account and data. Many times scammers also contact the neighbors of the target person and ask them to call that person and give OTP or make payment. At that time that person does not want to disturb the neighbor in that situation and gives OTP.

be careful like this
Never share OTP with anyone. If in doubt, call Custer Care immediately.
If a delivery boy is asking for a PIN, verify the identity of the person. Companies often message details before delivering the goods.
Never pay money before opening the parcel.
If someone sends a link, don’t click on it.
– If you receive a suspicious delivery, do not accept it.

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