Do not accidentally run these apps including Gpay, PhonePe without knowing the daily limit, the transaction will get stuck


tech news desk,If you use money transfer apps every day, from buying tea to buying groceries and paying for them, you must have come across many times when the transaction gets stuck in the middle and you are told that the daily Limit has been exceeded. It’s over It means that you have done more transactions than required and now you will not be able to do transactions. Next day you can start the transaction again. Actually, the daily limit has already been set in money transfer apps, so that excessive transactions can be prevented. In such a situation, if you do heavy transactions daily, then today we are going to tell you about the daily limit of some very popular money transfer apps available in the market, so that your payment does not get stuck in the middle.

Paytm: First of all, we are going to tell you about Paytm, which has been in limelight since demonetisation in India and since then millions of users are using it. Through this app you can transfer ₹ 100000 in a day. Not only this you can send ₹20000 every 1 hour. Through this app you can do 20 transactions in a day and 5 transactions in 1 hour.

Google Pay: Google Pay is also an old money transfer app which is very handy as many users use it on a regular basis. Let us tell you that through this app only 10 transactions can be done in a day. With the help of this app, you can send a maximum of ₹100000.

PhonePay: Phone Pay is also a very popular app, with the help of which you can send ₹ 100000 to anyone throughout the day or do a transaction of ₹ 20000 in 1 hour. In this app also you can do 20 transactions in a day and you are allowed to do only 5 transactions in 1 hour.

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