Does your mobile data end soon? Turn off this setting at the first opportunity; will run boldly


Tech News Desk – Internet usage in India has increased rapidly. Whether it’s a mobile phone or Wi-Fi at home. There is internet 24 hours everywhere. Mobile data consumption has also increased. But the biggest fear is that the data may run out soon. Most people have daily data plans. The data of many is not able to run even for the whole day and gets over in half a day. But by turning off one setting, you can comfortably run on data all day long.

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There can be many reasons for running out of mobile data quickly. Like watching videos or playing games in high definition. But there is a big reason for the updating of apps in Android smartphones. Apps automatically update in the Play Store. No one has done anything in this. Apps are automatically updated due to default settings. But you can disable this setting.

To turn off the setting, you have to go to the Google Play Store. Turn off auto update by going to Settings. You can turn off the auto update option for all downloaded apps. Not only this, if any app is taking more updates then it can also be closed. Lite versions of many apps also come, which provide the same amount of fun with less data consumption. You can also use those apps. This will save your data and work will not stop.

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