Elon Musk fired Twitter employee, expressed pain by tweeting; Quote- This was my dream job…


tech news desk, Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk is taking many big decisions. The phase of retrenchment by the company is not taking its name. Only last week, the company had laid off several engineers in its infrastructure vertical. After this, now the company has removed more employees from the public policy team. An employee fired from the job has expressed his grief by posting on Twitter. He told by tweeting that he has been removed late on Thursday night.

employee expressed pain

Former Twitter employee Theo Skadas posted, ‘Yesterday was my last day at Twitter, as half the rest of the public policy team has been fired from the company. It’s hard to convey how lucky I was to have had this opportunity. It was truly a dream job. He remembered the things done during the job. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done to protect people in global conflicts, including in Iran, Ukraine and Libya,” he said.

lay off thousands of people

Elon Musk has told that Twitter now has more than 2 thousand employees. But when he took over in October, the company had around 8,000 employees. Twitter laid off around 3,700 employees in early November to cut costs. Hundreds later resigned. The company was also sued in the US for mass layoffs without giving employees advance written notice.

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