Government of India banned 3 Youtube Channels with more than 300 million views, explained the reason in detail


tech news desk, The Government of India has once again talked about banning some YouTube channels. The government is also keeping a close watch on the world of social media. This time the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked to ban the channels. A total of 3 YouTube channels are included in this list. These channels have been clamped down on the charge of spreading fake news. You will be surprised to know that the videos of these YouTube channels have been viewed more than 300 million times. However, this is not the first time that strict action has been taken against YouTube channels spreading fake news. Even before this, the government has banned many such YouTube channels.

these are the names of the channels

Press Information Bureau (PIB) tweeted on 20 December 2022 that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked to ban 3 YouTube channels. The list of these channels includes News Headlines, Government Updates and Aaj Tak Live. Make it clear here that Aaj Tak Live is not associated with India Today Group. These channels had more than 33 lakh subscribers and more than 300 million views.

Because of this talk of ban

PIB told that these three YouTube channels were working to spread fake news. These channels had uploaded several fake videos related to Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India and Prime Minister of India and these videos were viewed millions of times.

PIB also shared the photo of the fake cover photo

PIB has shared cover photos of videos available on these channels, in which many fake news were being broadcast. Let me tell you, in the last month of April, the Government of India had banned 16 such YouTube channels. These channels included 6 news channels of Pakistan and 10 news channels of India.

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