If you share the password of Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu with anyone, then you can be jailed!


tech news desk, Sharing passwords is causing a lot of damage to Netflix. Netflix has been working for a long time to solve this. In such a situation, there is relief news for Netflix and bad news for those who share the password of OTT. A new report has claimed that action can be taken soon on those who share the password of Netflix, Disney + Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video. However, this action will not take place in India but in the UK. TorrentFreak reports that the British Intellectual Property Office’s updated privacy guidelines state that “password sharing on streaming services”, which includes many popular platforms such as Disney+, will be legal. may be considered infringing copyright law. can be considered as an action.

answer to ipo

When the IPO was contacted for clarification on this news about password sharing, the agency said, “There are a number of provisions in criminal and civil law that may apply in case of password sharing where payments are made to the intended user.” without infringing copyright.” To allow access to protected works.” These provisions may include breach of contract, fraud, or secondary copyright infringement, depending on the circumstances.

Netflix will charge extra for additional members

As per the new UK norms, anyone sharing the password of a streaming service in the UK can be prosecuted for fraud and/or infringement of copyright law. Netflix previously announced that it would be monetizing accounts that share passwords starting next year. The company had said it would start charging accounts that share their passwords with “additional members” from next year.

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