No need to spend money separately for Netflix and Amazon! Everything will be free in this recharge


tech news desk, Jio offers more than one recharge plan to its customers, which includes fiber connection and its plans are also included, which are very much liked by the customers. It is generally seen that no matter how many recharge plans people have activated, they have to subscribe to Netflix and Prime Video separately because it is not given free with fiber connection, but if you are a customer of Jio Fiber, then Now have you ever thought about the benefits you will get. Today we are bringing you a powerful plan of the company’s fiber service, in which you get free subscription to Netflix and Prime Video and for this you will not have to pay any extra amount, which will only benefit you.

What is this plan and what is its specialty

The plan we are talking about is actually a prepaid plan of Fiber which costs Rs 1499. In this plan you get unlimited 300mbps internet speed. Such fast speed and unlimited internet Lalla is not less than a big gift because usually companies do not soften in such benefits but the offer is not only that but it is just the beginning because now we are going to tell you about the offers. . After knowing about them, your senses will fly away.

In this plan, you get unlimited internet as well as unlimited voice calling and the validity of all these offers lasts for 30 days. The biggest feature of this plan is the OTT subscription available in it, which is not your one or two, but in this you are given subscription of about 17 platforms, including platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hotstar and Voot Select. . , ,

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