These 3 rules will change from January 1; Know otherwise online payment users will suffer huge loss


tech news desk, Only a few days are left for the year 2022 to end. As soon as 2023 comes, new changes will be seen in many sectors. The new year will bring new rules that you should know about. There are many tech friendly services including Google in these new rules. If you are tech friendly and are more active on the smartphone, then you should be aware of these changes, otherwise you will suffer a lot going forward.

There may be a problem running Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome then this news is for you. Google has decided to stop supporting the new version of Chrome for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. That is, whose laptops have Windows 7 and 8.1 versions, they will not be able to use Google Chrome. Those with old laptops may have a lot of problems.

If you pay by card then know these rules

Google will not save card numbers and expiry details from January 1. That is, from January 1, you will have to fill it every time. This decision has to be taken after the guidelines of RBI. Such a decision is being taken to ensure that online payments are safe.

Stadia gaming service will be shut down

Google Stadia service is a cloud gaming service and Google is going to shut down this service in January. This service will be live only till January 18. After that it will stop. The Google Stadia service couldn’t be more popular. That’s why it is being closed.

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