These are the best long plans of VI-JIO-Airtel… Get recharged once, the tension of the year will end and it will also be cheaper.


tech news desk, Smartphone has become the need of all of us today. It is impossible to have a good smartphone and not have internet. We all have to recharge every month to use the internet. As soon as the month ends, people start worrying about recharge, which recharge will have to be done this time and how much will be benefited in it. If you too are tired of recharging every month, then today through this article, know about some of the best long term plans. Whether you are an Airtel user, Vodafone-Idea SIM or Reliance Jio. All telecommunication companies offer long term plans to their customers in which you benefit. Many times people get scared by seeing the amount of long term plans, but in reality these plans are cheaper than the recharge plans made in comparison to the month and save both your time and money. The advantage of recharging long term is that you have to pay No need to worry about recharging and you can enjoy internet, calls etc for a whole year without any hesitation.

This is the best long term plan

Vodafone-Idea (VI)

Vodafone offers a variety of long term plans to its users. The cheapest plan in this is Rs 1,449 which comes with a validity of 180 days. In this you get 1.5 GB data per day, 100 SMS per day. And enjoy unlimited voice calls. You also get an app exclusive offer on this plan in which you can get additional 50GB free data. Vodafone has a special plan for those who do not need much data. The company offers a special plan of Rs 1,799 for its users. This includes unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day for 365 days. get the benefit of. Also, you can enjoy 24GB data throughout the year. Vodafone’s Rs 2,899 plan offers you 100 SMS per day, unlimited voice calls, and 850GB data for 365 days. The special thing about this plan is that you can use any amount of data in it in 1 day. That is, there is no limit of 1.5 or 2GB every day like other plans. You can use up to 3GB, 4, 5 or 10GB depending on your usage.


-Like Vodafone, Airtel is also offering its customers unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day for Rs 1,799 with a validity of 365 days. gives the benefit of With this, you can use 24 GB data throughout the year. If you recharge Airtel with Rs 2,999, you will get unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day with a validity of 265 days. And 2.5 GB data is available. The most expensive plan of the company is Rs 3,359, in which you get 2.5 GB data, 100 SMS every day. And the facility of unlimited voice calls is available for the whole year. In this plan, users get 1 year of Prime Video Mobile Edition and Disney Plus Hotstar subscription for free.

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