Why Jio and Airtel are not launching 5G plans? Know the reason here


tech news desk, It has been more than two months since 5G service started in the country. But the 5G recharge plan has not yet been announced by the telecom companies. Recently Jio has launched 5G service. While Airtel also launched 5G service a few days before Jio. But right now the service of both the operators is not available in most of the cities. Both irtel and Jio are trying to expand 5G service every day. But both the telecom companies have not imposed any charge for this. Jio has given users the facility of recharge of minimum 239 for 5G service under Jio Welcome Offer. While there is currently no condition for Airtel users. To use 5G service, the customer needs to have only one SIM and 5G enabled smartphone.

Apart from Airtel and Jio, there were other telecom companies in the race for 5G service. However, its launch will take time. On the other hand, the service of Airtel and Jio has also not started completely. Right now both the companies have launched their 5G service in only a few cities and not all users are getting this facility in these cities as well. In such a situation, issuing a plan on behalf of any company will prove to be hasty. According to the report, by the end of 2023, 5G service will be available in most places and these companies can also announce their new plans only then.

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