You will get call but no one will answer, new missed call fraud will make you poor like this


tech news desk, Recently a news had come to light that a person living in Delhi is getting missed calls several times on his phone. Along with the missed call, a blank call also comes on the person’s phone, in which no one speaks anything. Then suddenly he comes to know that 50 lakh rupees have been withdrawn from his bank account. What usually happens is that the person has to approve the transaction through a One Time Password (OTP). This OTP comes on the person’s mobile number, but in such a situation, the entire work was done by missed call only. The reason behind this is being told as SIM swap, the personal information of the victim comes into the hands of the fraudsters. Let us know in today’s news what is SIM swap fraud, how someone can use this technique to steal money from your account.

What is sim swap?

SIM swap fraud is no different from other frauds. In this also only those people become victims, who become careless. In SIM swap fraud, cyber criminals grab your phone number. These cyber criminals collect users’ data from various websites, including emails. After this, they send phishing emails to the email IDs of the users. With this, when the cyber criminals have all the required details, they approach the telecom operator and ask them to issue a duplicate SIM. For this they tell them that the phone is lost or the SIM is damaged. Now if the duplicate SIM becomes active, the old SIM automatically gets switched off. After this, cyber criminals gain access to people’s accounts. He receives the OTP on the linked mobile number.

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